A premier driving school serving Northern and Central New Jersey. Learn from instructors with actual teaching experience. Students are trained by Roadmaster Driving Instructors in 2012, 2013 (2), and 2015 dual-controlled (brake and gas) Honda Civics.

6-Hour Program
This service is generally appropriate for students between the ages of 16-21 looking to obtain a NJ learner’s permit which you need in order to get a graduated driver’s license (GDL).Note: You have to practice for at least 6 months after getting the permit before you are eligible to get your driver’s license.


Any student who is looking to enroll in this package must be:

  • At least 16 years old
  • We now have to drop paperwork off at Motor Vehicle so that it can be processed and the permit purchased. This means that the earliest we can drop paperwork off is on the 16th birthday and because the turnaround time is a few days we can only book the lessons once we have the permit back.

    We appreciate your understanding with these necessary changes to our services.

The Process

  • If you are 16, only a driving school can buy you a permit. If you are 17 or older, you can purchase an examination permit on your own at the MVC.
  • Roadmaster Driving Academy will work out the details with you to deliver and retrieve the required paperwork necessary to obtain the permit. We will then purchase the permit. You do not need to go to the MVC.
  • Students will be picked up and dropped off at a convenient location of your choice (typically school or home).
  • The first lesson consists of taking the eye exam (all students are required to take a state-approved eye exam before they drive). We will then go over the basics: instruments and controls, starting and stopping the vehicle, and turns. Once the student is comfortable with these skills, they will drive on main (non-highway) roads.
  • The second lesson focuses on the skills the student will encounter on the road test. Parallel parking, the K-turn (3-point turn), and straight reverse are the primary skills tested. We will teach each skill and the student will practice the skill multiple times. Mall parking (parking between the white lines) will be taught as well. The remaining time will be spent refining previous skills taught while driving on the main roads.
  • The third lesson will be geared toward highway driving, specifically merging onto the highway and changing lanes while checking the blind spot. At the end of the lesson, the validated permit (with a scheduled road test date) along with any other documents collected will be given to the student and/or parent(s). A full driving evaluation will be filled out by the instructor and discussed. A “what to expect” sheet will be given to the student which refers to the rules regarding to driving with the permit and plenty of information regarding the road test. Finally, you will receive an insurance discount certificate to be used when the student is added to or obtains car insurance.

Knowledge (Written) Test Service
There are generally three reasons that you would need to take the knowledge test at our office:
  • You have not passed the test in school or they do not offer the test.
  • You are getting your permit after you have finished school.
  • You have turned 16 before you take driver’s education and want to start driving.

Here is a study guide and 2 links that take you to practice tests NJ Practice Tests and free drivers ED practice tests to help you pass on your first try!

Road Test Package
The road test can be a very anxious and confusing time for students and parents. We will guide you through the process.
  • We will pick you up an hour and a half before your test and will review the skills on the test (parallel parking, k-turn, and reverse).
  • You will use the driving school’s car which is “test ready”.
  • We will drop you off at your desired location (home or school).

Adult Services
Whether you are looking to brush up on specific skills or needing to learn how to drive for the first time, we are here to help you